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Newborn Session — Luke

Newborns are in charge of the photography session, not me as the photographer and not the parents either. Newborn sessions going at the pace of each baby and whatever their needs are.

Luke here was born a few weeks early to first time parents and he is already the prince of the castle. He has a strong set of lungs on him and his eyes get more vividly blue each time I have seen him!

Luke did NOT like the scary camera being put into his face for photographs and really wanted to take a nap in mom's arms.

Mom had a few outfits to try for the session but our favorites ended up being the birthday suit photographs.

The first photograph on the left I printed for Luke's parents 20 inches in height, protectively covered, and framed. It is hanging in Luke's nursery over his changing table.

The triptych on the left was similarly sized, printed with custom matting and framed. This series is hanging in the family's living room.

Both artworks feature Luke at the youngest and smallest he will ever be and will be celebrated as an heirloom piece for the family throughout his life. As Luke grows up and becomes aware of the photographs, he will consciously (and most importantly subconsciously) feel loved and know he was loved from the beginning. This is so valuable for a child and I am so honored to have created this artwork for Luke and his family.

Please see a gallery below of a few more photographs of Luke at just 2 weeks old!

These photographs of newborn Luke were taken in his nursery, for both ease for his parents and comfort of Luke. I highly recommend at-home photographs for newborns to make it easiest for my clients.

Do you have photographs and artwork of you as a newborn or young child? Is it large and hanging in your or your family's home? If so, tell me how it made you feel growing up in the comments please!

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