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With a focus on happiness, community, and growing into adulthood!

There are only 10 spots available so apply or nominate someone today.

Eureka Springs, AR High School Senior Photography Program

What is a High School Senior Model?

  • You are the face of Hannah Golden Photographs' high school seniors sessions for your Senior year.

  • You get a discounted senior photography session custom to you and participate in themed group sessions throughout the year such as holidays, spring florals, graduation, and more.

  • This program is about building confidence, relationships, and life skills.

High School Senior Photography Program

What perks and opportunities are there?

  • $165 for your choice of 45 minute, 90 minute, or 2.5 hour senior photography session paid upon commitment to the Senior Model team

  • 50% off printing investments during model year (June 1 - May 31)

  • Receive two free digital copy LinkedIn professional headshots

  • Receive a single printed image on an 8x10 acrylic block & social media digital copy of the same photograph

  • One free family, pet, or friends sessions in your model year

Northwest Arkansas High School Senior Photography Program

What is different about Hannah's Senior Model program?

  • Monthly Exclusive "life lessons" interactive online trainings such as resume design, job interview top tips, how to do your own laundry, how to cook basic meals, how to eat healthy, work-life balance tips, meditation practice, and more! (Maybe even subjects you suggest too)

  • In-person model community events such as volunteering, attending local events, ice cream socials, and more

  • End of school year/graduation celebration dinner (hint, my parents have been restauranteurs in NWA for over 35+ years)

  • College or vocational school scholarship $1000 (one time payment) given to ONE senior model (essay, interview, community service)

  • Lifetime discounts annually on printed photographs with Hannah Golden Photographs

NWA High School Senior Photography Program

Who should apply?

  • Anyone that is a rising senior for the 2024-25 school year in Northwest Arkansas

  • Hannah Golden Photographs is committed to diversity and to equal opportunity. Hannah Golden Photographs does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, height, weight, or physical or mental ability.

  • You want to have senior photographs to remember and celebrate this time in your life and the great achievement of graduating high school.

  • You like my photography and editing style and want your photographs taken in a similar way.

High School Senior Photography Program in Fayetteville, AR

What are the application requirements?

  • Attend a required Parent & Senior Virtual Informational call with Hannah.

  • You must be a rising high school senior in Northwest Arkansas for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • Answer simple and fun questions on why you want to become a model and how it could benefit you and your community.

  • Submit 2 recommendation letters — the 1st must be from a teacher, the 2nd can be from a friend, family member, counselor, teacher, coach, employer, or anyone else who champions you.

  • Submit your resumé (include categories for school, extra curriculars, volunteering, awards, interests, skills, and any work experience).

  • You must agree to represent Hannah Golden Photographs exclusively in your model year (June 1 - May 31).

  • You and one parent/guardian must sign the Model Contract if invited to join.

Bentonville, AR High School Senior Photography Program

How do you nominate a rising senior?

  • Share this blog post with them.

  • Tell them you will be one of their recommendations for the application process.

  • Share my Instagram with them to see my past work.

Want more information? See my High School Seniors page for more FAQs.

Ready to apply? Click here. Applications are open on February 28th and close on March 28th.

It's been ONE year since I started working with my photography business coach and it is time for me to reflect and share what I have learned.

1. Work-Life balance

Confession time here, while I used to preach work-life balance in my corporate roles with tips on meditation, breathing exercises, simple stretches, and more, I was finding it difficult (especially during the pandemic) to practice work-life balance for myself. I got myself a therapist in 2020 and got better at managing my stress levels and finding my balance. And one thing we discovered buried in my brain was my next steps, my dream job, my purpose, and it wasn't corporate (though my big time fashion company goals did give me great satisfaction, wonderful experience, and amazing coworkers).

So, when I went full-time into my photography as my career (instead of the side hustle it had been for many years throughout high school, college, and beyond), I knew my focus had to be on work-life balance. And I found a photography business coach who also had her balance leaning more life than work on the scale.

My coach calls her philosophy "family first" and this resonated so much with me for two reasons:

  1. My husband, my cats, my parents, and my extended family are the most important in my life and I was NOT getting enough time with any of them. I wasn't getting the happiness and love that I desired because my balance scale was so heavy on the work side.

  2. I want to focus on bringing the happiness and love of my clients to the forefront of their moments with me during the planning, the session, and the photography reveals (and beyond).

So work-life balance became more of a 30% work, 70% life on the scale and I am SO much happier and able to bring that happiness to my clients. I am so thankful for my coach, my clients, and my family and friends, who all support me.

2. Prioritize serving my clients

With the focus on happiness and love for myself and my clients, I knew I needed to make the entire photography process for my clients as EASY as possible. I want my clients to focus on their relationships, celebrating that love, and being excited to have those photographs of love forever.

I have talked about my services before, but in case you have missed it, here is a TLDR on how easy it is to be photographed by me:

  1. Inquiry Call — I find out who you love, how we celebrate them, and talk about all of the different ways we can print your photographs to have around your home.

  2. Planning Session — We meet (usually in person) to decide on outfits for everyone involved, a location for your photography session, and to make sure you are comfortable and know me. No stressing last minute for you.

  3. Your Photography Session — It is easy and fun, we are friends hanging out and I happen to have a camera. I capture your happiness and love in the most natural ways.

  4. Photography Reveal and Investments — Party time! I share your top, very best images from the session and we laugh (maybe cry) at the happiness, love, silliness, and genuine relationships captured. We order your wall art and get digital files as a bonus to share online until your printed photographs arrive.

  5. Delivery Time — I hang your photographs, deliver your albums, place your frames, and we celebrate your happiness.

3. Volunteering and Donating

With my work-life balance greatly increasing my "life" hours each day I absolutely use this time to spread love and happiness to others. I volunteer locally within my community and I donate a portion of my sales to places I cannot physically help.

In 2023, I volunteered a total of 19 hours in NYC. Most of that time was my monthly visits to Urban Outreach Center in the Upper East Side (just down the street from my apartment) and a few hours with Comprehensive Youth Development in the East Village. In previous years I had volunteered once a year for 3 hours with my corporate team at God's Love, We Deliver in SoHo, so I am very happy to have increased my time helping others and spreading happiness.

In 2023, I also donated a total of $1400 to a variety of local children's fundraisers including school auctions and international children's aid funds.

I am looking forward to more volunteering in 2024 (and have already gotten started). I highly encourage volunteering for everyone, even if you can only go once a year. Advocate that your job dedicates hours to volunteering, matches your donations to fundraisers, and organizes local community events, or take your family and friends out for volunteering events on the weekends.

4. Keep going

Life can throw all sorts of challenges at you in a year (my 2023 was a huge rollercoaster with three huge family losses) but the best thing to remember is to keep going. Continue to bring happiness and love to yourself and others. Strive to grow, learn, and do good things. Keep reaching for your goals. And most importantly, give yourself grace daily.

I was able to get through my difficult times in 2023 with a focus on my clients' happiness and ensuring they have photographs with their favorite people and pets while it is possible. Hugs to anyone else who lost someone in 2023, and keep going, we've got this.

5. What's next

In January of 2024, we moved out of New York City and back to my hometown in Northwest Arkansas. I am so excited to serve this community that raised me and has grown so much while I was gone for the last 11+ years. I will also continue to serve my NYC clients as my husband's family live in NY.

I have a huge goal this year to volunteer 40 hours total (so double of last year). Do you know anywhere in NWA that needs help? Please comment below or email me to let me know.

I will also continue to donate to children and pet fundraisers, now locally in NWA and continue my international donations as well. Do you have a local auction or fundraiser needing sponsors? Let me know.

And of course, I will spread love and happiness. And give myself grace for my goals, I do not yet know what rollercoasters this year will bring. Let's do this, 2024.

Family photographs in Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Importance of Generational Photographs

When was the last time you had family photographs taken? Was it your nuclear family (parents & children) or did you include grandparents as well? It is difficult to coordinate your own family unit with parent work and volunteer schedules plus your children's sports/art/parties/activities schedules, but adding in grandparents that may or may not live close by is a whole other headache that I totally understand. But if you can manage to coordinate it (think family gathering holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year, Memorial Day, etc.), you will have photographs to cherish forever.

Family photographs

How often to update family portraits

I absolutely love family photographs (of course!) so I update mine every year, but for most families I suggest to plan in your family portraits once every 3 years or so. The only change to this rule is a life-changing event like a new baby, a new pet, or an illness/loss and therefore I recommend scheduling family photographs immediately even if you had them within the last year.

When we consider children, I highly recommend a session for the child every year in the first 5 years of life (they grow so much so quickly and we can capture all of the fun and adorable moments).

Family photographs

One NWA family waited how long for new family photographs?

The family pictured here waited 12 years for new family photographs that included all three generations (that is about the age of the oldest child). And look at this new photograph they have below with grandparents to grandchildren included.

Don't worry, I will make sure they get photographs again before the youngest is 12 years old. And if we waited, one will enter and finish high school, one will graduate kindergarten, three with graduate middle school, and that littlest one would be in middle school — doesn't that sound like a lot of missed moments if they waited 12 years again?

Family photographs

Other photographs to update during your family session: