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Pet Photography

Dogs, cats, and more — I am very excited to capture your loved ones and celebrate them for years to come with custom artwork in your home. 

Who needs happy pet photographs?

Want photographs of your pet? Request information here.

Pets are pure happiness, light, and joy, so let's create custom artwork of your pet together. 

  • Kittens and Puppies, oh my! They are so cute and tiny, and will grow so fast! Just like a human child, I recommend within the first 3 months of life

  • Gotcha Day! They just joined the family, let's get photographs within the first 6 months of a new pet joining your family 

  • You have added a new family member, you need new family photographs

  • Your pet has gotten bigger, let's update your photographs after 3-5 years from Gotcha Day

  • The gray hairs are showing, the playtime is calmer, and the walking is slower—let's celebrate your pet late in life so you will never forget them.

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