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Get to know me:

  • I am a Fayetteville, Arkansas native (and recently moved back)

  • I lived in NYC's Upper East Side for 7 years

  • I studied Photography and Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

  • I have one adopted cat, Easel

  • I love to read (about 40+ books a year) 

  • Read more in my About Me blog post

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My Story

I have been professionally photographing families, pets, seniors, branding, and more since 2012. I am a print-first photographer because I want you to have artwork on your wall of your loved ones. The photographs will make you smile everyday. You will celebrate your loved ones as they are right now and as they grow. I want to celebrate your loved ones in every single stage of their life.


Growing up, my parents invested in printed portraits of me and now my mom's office wall is covered with photographs of me from baby photographs to my wedding. I feel their love every time I see it and my parents get to smile at all of those stages of my life everyday.

Now my own child (my cat, Easel, to the right) is on my walls and it warms my heart to see them larger than life in artwork I will have forever. 


Let's make your own wall to your loved ones. Let's help your children know you love them by proudly displaying their portraits in your home. Want your once-in-lifetime moments photographed? Request more information here

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