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Happy Hannah = Happy Photographs

Get to know me and why I photograph pets and families in NYC's Upper East Side (and beyond) and in my hometown in Northwest Arkansas.

Me and my husband laughing and happy, captured by our friend and photographer, Kyle Ostrander
Me and my husband, photograph by Kyle Ostrander Photography

Do you remember the icebreaker game in high school and college where you had to use a word that started with the same letter as your first name to describe yourself? The game was a memory game to meet and know each other’s names — everyone after you in the circle had to remember your adjective and name IN ORDER! I am highly competitive for silly games so this was my favorite, I always wanted to be towards the end to prove I could do it.

So TLDR: Hi, I am Happy Hannah!

If “happy” got taken before it got to me, I was Hopeful Hannah. Those two words are great to get an understanding of me, but here are a few more (while not playing the game, I am not THAT good):

  • Silly

  • Focused

  • Loving

  • Playful

  • Joyous

  • Introverted

  • Quiet

  • Listener

  • Celebratory

  • Quirky

  • Nerdy

  • Understanding

  • Committed

  • Positive

  • Hopeful


See, quirky, silly, happy, celebratory of life (I donate my hair every 5 years or so). Cell phone pics except black & white photograph by my husband on 35mm film.

Why do I share this with you?

For you to please know me as Happy Hannah. I live my life by these words and run my business the same way! My camera and I are here to capture your most joyous moments with your loved ones to create artwork to celebrate forever.

I will ask you to be silly with me during our sessions. I love smiling photos way more than serious ones. Dogs jumping, children laughing, adults twirling — pure happiness captured in a stationary image.

"Pure happiness captured in a stationary image"

What does this mean? I want to document your happiness.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Your dog as a ball of energy, as a calmer teenager, and as an old scruffy gray-haired pup.

  • Your cat as a playful kitten that you can hold in one hand, a chill middle-aged kitty, and the dignified sleepy old ball of fur.

  • You and your partner a year into dating, your engagement (YAY!), first home together, first pet, your blended families, and so on.

  • Maternity couple photographs (if you chose to have children).

  • Your child/children every few months in their first 2 years to capture their happiness as it grows.

  • Your child/children’s kindergarten graduation, missing teeth, braces, middle school dances, high school sports or academia, graduations, best friends, and more

  • With your parents, your grandparents, your favorite cousin(s), your best friend(s), your teachers/professors, your hairdresser, your pharmacist, your dog walker, anyone and everyone you love and want to celebrate with!

Okay, maybe a little too excited, but I want to capture those relationships and happiness.

Baby Hannah was happy too (I grew up in the restaurant business, literally, that is me standing on the bar with my mom holding me up), kindergarten graduation on film is too pure, and me with my kitty, Luna, at her first Christmas season.

Which of these happy moments in your life have been professionally photographed?

  • Engagement!

  • High School sports

  • With my grandparents

  • Braces (embrace the awkward!)

You can vote for more than one answer.

Email me and talk happiness:

What happiness can we capture together? Please comment below on your favorite idea from this article.

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