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Capturing Her Confidence: A Senior Portrait Session to Remember

FHS Class of 2024: Senior Photographs in Eureka Springs and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art

Planning a Senior Photography Session in NWA

This featured Senior came to me saying she dislikes being in front of the camera. She knew she wanted a long session so she could not feel rushed and would have time for multiple outfits. And finally she knew that she wanted to take photographs in her native Eureka Springs as well as at Crystal Bridges on the trails.

With this knowledge, we began our planning session by selecting her top five outfits (from hair & makeup to footwear, we plan it all ahead together). I then had her decide which outfits wanted at which location. And finally, because I knew her aversion to the camera, I suggested we start with the most casual and comfortable outfit and location to build confidence throughout her photography session.

Family photographs

Fall in Northwest Arkansas

Our (months in advance) planned date happened to give us the peak Autumn leaves and WOW did they pair perfecting with her hair. The day was probably one of the coldest yet of the season so not shown is her mom to the side with jacket and blanket ready to warm up in between locations. This black sweater with washed jeans was her second outfit — do you see the confidence already building?

Historic Eureka Springs as a Backdrop

Born and raised in Eureka, she wound me expertly through the side streets, alleys, and these gorgeous stairs, to start our session to an abandoned brick building. I started with wide shots, made her twirl (she hated it but it made her laugh), and got her talking before I went in close with my camera and captured this first photograph (top left). I immediately turned the camera screen to show her how STUNNING she was and from there the smirks turned to smizes (smiling with the eyes) to finally the full natural smile (bottom right).

Let the Personality Shine

Three ways she described herself that we were able to capture in her senior photography session:

  1. She is a girly sneakerhead (noun: a sneaker enthusiast)

  2. Her pup brings her the most love and happiness

  3. She loves art and is an aspiring artist herself

Personality "Pics" are the best and most cherished photographs from senior sessions and I am confident she will love these forever (especially the photograph with her pup that is going up framed on her wall).

Fierce & Confident

When she showed me her last two outfits (and the SHOES) I knew we had to create save these for last when the confidence was at its height. Artwork, her car, and finally HER FIERCE SELF popped on camera and was palpable in person. This was the moment that her mom had the "you are all grown up" moment. This was the moment she was feeling herself and gave it her all. And she did this in 5 inch heels, in 40 degree weather, and in the rain. This senior is going to be a boss in the next stage of her life with this confidence to carry her into adulthood.

I love to build custom sessions for high schools seniors and this was a perfect example of an experience that she will remember forever and photographs to cherish (and look back on remembering that fierce confidence).

Could you see her confidence grow in the photographs?

Which was your favorite Senior Photograph from her extended session?


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