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Invest in your memories!

I am a print-first photographer. My goal is to help you have beautiful, heirloom artwork of your loved ones. 

I focus on getting your photographs out of the cloud and off of your devices and creating something you can hold, hang, and admire for years to come. 

Pet & Family Portraits

$195 Session Fee

What's included: 

  • Pre-session planning meeting

  • Outfit assistance

  • 15 - 90 minutes session in your home, outside, or both

  • Location guidance

  • Home styling assistance

  • Custom wall decor guidance

  • Easy step-by-step ordering of printed artwork

  • Digital, social media files of each printed piece 

Printed Artwork Products

Investments start at $147 

What's available: 

  • Signature Artwork — available from 14 to 60 inches long

  • Set of 9 images, 16 x 16 inches frame/canvas

  • Triptych set, 10 x 20 inches frame/canvas

  • Set of 4 images, 16 x 16 inches frame/canvas

  • Albums — available in two sizes, 6 inches (10-15 images) or 10 inches (15-30 images)

  • Gift prints — loose 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 inches

Want more information? Contact me.

Photography style & retouching

Your session will be like hanging out with a friend (me!) who happens to have a camera. I keep you relaxed, talking about your favorite things (pets, food, sports, whatever), and offer easy guidance if you don't know how to "pose" or where to put your hands. 


I focus on photographing in open shade, which means out of the direct sunlight. I capture a range of close up and wide images to tell a story. 


My retouching is simple—light, color, and contrast. I started as a film black & white photographer, so I concentrate on brightest whites and darkest blacks being present in every photograph. I can remove stray hairs, light acne/abrasions, and more, please ask. 

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